Tahun 2018, tahun untuk memulai hal yang baru

Halo Semua, sudah lama saya tidak ngepost, jadi disini saya akan nyeritain apa yang saya akan lakukan di 2018 ini, Pertama, saya berencana mengikuti OSK 2018, yakni bidang komputer, doakan saya ya supaya lolos :) lalu menuju ke OSN :) Akibat saya fokus dalam OSK, nilai saya di pelajaran kelas akan menurun secara drastis jadi saya akan coba supaya tidak menurun sangat jauh. Untuk bidang komputer , untuk soal logika dan aritmatika saya sepertinya perlu belajar konsepnya secara menyeluruh , kenapa tidak belajar soal tahun lalu aja ? saya juga pasti akan latihan soal tahun lalu, tapi tanpa mengetahui konsepnya kalian hanya akan bisa menjawab soal itu-itu aja, lebih baik kalian belajar dari contoh-contoh sederhananya. seperti kombinatorik permutasi, kalian jangan hanya menghafal rumusnya, lebih baik ke contoh sederhanannya : misalkan ada 5 tempat, yang akan diduduki oleh 2 orang berapakah urutan yang mungkin : kita analogikan 5 tempat itu , x x x x x, dan ada dua orang, 1 1 orang-oran

Somtheing New

Today, Agustust 29th 2016 is the schoolday in indonesia. I study at Senior High School 1 Singaraja. So hopefully you enjoy this post now. Today I post about what i read right now. i read about Mathematics for the IB diploma Higher Level 1 this book contain about mathematics in senior high school in below is the contents : - Number - Sequence - Permuntations and Combinations - Binominal Theorm We all know that Number is an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol, or figure, representing a particular quantity and used in counting and making calculations and for showing order in a series or for identification. Number is variance like : Prime number, Natural Number , and real number or something like that.  In the prime number I would say oh prime number is unique because i except that  prime number NOT A ODD NUMBER but prime number  is  number greater than two and can when prime number greater or equal to five can be expressed as 6x plus or minus 1 . example : when

Diffrentiation and integration

On the Sunday morning, I'd like make new post about Integral and diffrentiation Calculus – differentiation, integration etc. – is easier than you think. Here's a simple example: the bucket at right integrates the flow from the tap over time. The flow is the time derivative of the water in the bucket. The basic ideas are not more difficult than that. Calculus analyses things that change, and physics is much concerned with changes. For physics, you'll need at least some of the simplest and most important concepts from calculus. Fortunately, one can do a lot of introductory physics with just a few of the basic techniques. So stick with us: differentiation really is just subtracting and dividing, and integration really is just multiplying and adding. This short introduction is no substitute, however, for a good high school calculus course: we shall take some short cuts of which mathematicians may disapprove. Differentiation: How rapidly does something chan

Any Formulas In the Mathematics

Thursday, 12 may 2016 7 : 39 pm. Good Night everyone !!!!!!!, in this night i want make some post about formulas math, here the list of the formula. It's not too much but i think it can help us to study better about math. Anyway, i have file 1300 formulas of math, i will upload it soon !. a+b)  2  = a  2  + 2ab + b  2 (a+b)(c+d) = ac + ad + bc + bd a  2  - b  2  = (a+b)(a-b)  (Difference of squares) a  3    b  3  = (a   b)(a  2  ab + b  2 )  (Sum and Difference of Cubes) x  2  + (a+b)x + AB = (x + a)(x + b) if ax  2  + bx + c = 0 then x = ( -b  (b  2  - 4ac) ) / 2a  (Quadratic Formula)   Exponential Identities ( Math  |  Algebra  | Exponents) Powers x  a  x  b  = x  (a + b) x  a  y  a  = (xy)  a (x  a )  b  = x  (ab) x  (a/b)  = b th  root of (x  a ) = ( b th   (x) )  a x  (-a)  = 1 / x  a x  (a - b)  = x  a  / x  b Logarithms y = log b (x) if and only if x=b  y log b (1) = 0 log b (b) = 1 log b (x*y) = log b (x) + log b (y) log b (x/y) = log b (x) - lo

Statistics in the Math

At the this time, Thursday 12 may 2016, 5 ; 58 pm. i wanna to make a post about statistics on the math, for me statistics not too hard because this is only about the data on pie, diagram, or line. But , it's not simply i thinking,  i mean that is's the wide knowledge i ever study. In below there were a material about statistics. Statistics - Grade 10 15.1 Introduction Information in the form of numbers, graphs and tables is all around us; on television, on the radio or in the newspaper. We are exposed to crime rates, sports results, rainfall, government spending, rate of HIV/AIDS infection, population growth and economic growth. This chapter demonstrates how Mathematics can be used to manipulate data, to represent or misrepresent trends and patterns and to provide solutions that are directly applicable to the world around us. Skills relating to the collection, organisation, display, analysis and interpretation of information that were introduced in earlier grades are develop

Equations and Inequalities

Finance in Math

Thursday, 12 may 2016. 5 : 45 pm . i wanna make new post math about finance Finance - Grade 10 8.1 Introduction Should you ever find yourself stuck with a mathematics question on a television quiz show, you will probably wish you had remembered the how many even prime numbers there are between 1 and 100 for the sake of R1 000 000. And who does not want to be a millionaire, right? Welcome to the Grade 10 Finance Chapter, where we apply maths skills to everyday financial situations that you are likely to face both now and along your journey to purchasing your first private jet. If you master the techniques in this chapter, you will grasp the concept of compound interest, and how it can ruin your fortunes if you have credit card debt, or make you millions if you successfully invest your hard-earned money. You will also understand the effects of fluctuating exchange rates, and its impact on your spending power during your overseas holidays! 8.2 Foreign Exchange Rates Is $500 (”500 US do